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Artists' Bottle Stoppers

A collection of unique bottle stoppers all handmade in America! 

Many artists ask,  "what is the best size or shape of a bottle stopper?"
 I turned these stoppers to show any size will look great on the bottle.
All the bottles are the same height.

Wine gifts, unique handcrafted
								bottle stoppers, stainless steel

Visit often, as more pictures are added regularly.   
 I also put some of the best ones near the bottom and in the middle.  
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Bottle stoppers make the perfect gift.   Visit the artist's web pages to purchase and to see
more of their work.   If there is no contact info, email me at
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Cali Hackmann, WA.  Bracken Creek Design


Don Johnson, TX.
The center one is for Kentucky Whiskey using Niles decanter stopper.


Dave Cunningham, HI
Stopper goes over the neck

Row 197

4 wood bottle stoppers turned as bottles and wine goblets

Alex Balmaseda, NY, turned these fantastic bottle stoppers.

blown glass wine bottle stopperconfetti blown glass bottle stopper

Anthony Gima, PA. Very artistic blown glass!

stainless bottle stoppeer

Tim Curtin, VT.  Creative!

Row 196

Two beauties by Casey Harefeld, OR

two turned wood stoppers

Chris Dickey, CO

wood on stainless botle stopper

Bill Roberts, TX

Row 195

Faye Liston, NC, two sides of same stopper.
Faye's Amazon store

Vaigale Duers, FL  Unique beadwork

Casey Hulihan, NY 
Walnut, curly maple and mahogany with
credit card spacers!

Row 194  


Lee Wilson, NM  Custom made for
               La Fonda hotels



                     Gregg McDonald, WY

Robin Evans, distributor for my stoppers on Amazon and Etsy

Row 193  


           Makeville Studios, Brooklyn
    Done by students, Orlando and Yosaif


                          Santiago Lolo, NJ


                       Pete Beaton, WI  "Wine" is in the center of the glass.

Row 192  


     Molly Winton, WA  Turningmaven.com



       Llewellyn Emery, NJ   All Bermuda Cedar

Hestia Creations, MA    Great art in clay

Row 191  

       Chris Stehle, CA
    Wood with Surf Resin



colorwood on stainless steel bottle stoppers
              Jim Nelson, NY   Lots of Color!

stainless steel bottle stoppers with natural edge wood tops
                              Brad Adams, CA  Website
                       Wonderful shapes for natural edge burl.

Row 190  



                     Paul Feller, IA      Knobs from Hobby Lobby!




             Bob Rose, FL

  Rick Riley, TX    Leather letters in resin

Row 189  


John Lasensky, FL




Michael Matherne, FL.   Orange County Deputy Sheriff label pins

                         Mike Raehl, IL   Petoskey stones.

Row 188  



                   Rick Rosa, NY     Simple but elegant.




                          Jay Miller, PA

Jeremy German, MD   Awesome acrylic.

Row 187  


                      Daniel Smith, CA
            Makes cutting boards to match



                   Ernie Hatfield, NC

                        Casey Harefeld, OR

Row 186  

 Dave Crady, CA.



     Dave Coen, MN



     Bill Maresch, TX


                                Dennis Belcher, NC     Website

Row 185  

    Joe Himes, MO
    Marble Stopper.



                Gary Briggs, CA    Great shapes


Jeff Ford, NY

     Michael Parenteau, MN
     Bottle holder and stopper

Row 184  


      Pete Kekel, KY



                          Brian Smith, IN



        Joshua Steinke, NC

         Bernhard Hagardt, WA

Row 183  


                   Michel Gour, France    Lovely top detail



Mike Gerecht, MD
Olive wood from Jerusalem

glass bottle stopper, stainless steel   glass whale tail bottle stopper   glass bottle stopper in shape of lobster claw Bryan Randa, MA  Fantastic creations randaglass.com

Row 182  



       Kelly Roach teaches woodworking
        at a high school in Alberta, CA.




  Jason Rockhold

                         Jay St. Michel, MD      Chess pieces ~ Facebook

Row 181  


        Ed Reed, MI


Evan Hipp, unique design, "I Love You"

metal rose bottle stopper                              David McKinney, WA      Beautiful metal artwork.
Row 180  


Christiana Hancox, UK, 



                               Dave Cunningham, HI

                              Brandon Bruce, IA  Nice array of shapes

Row 179  

Jeff Grantham, NH


American Bluestone bottle stopper

Debbie McDuffey, NY
American Bluestone
 favors for daughter's wedding

bottle stoppers made with colorwood by a woodturner     

Shellie Glover, SC

Row 178  

Ellis Emery, PA
etsy page


Larry Lew,  CA

Jeff Ford, NY

Row 177  

David Staeheli, AK


Rachel Saul,  PA
Rachel Woodworking

Gail Allard,  Tx
Salado Glassworks

Row 176  


Made by visually impaired client
at the Arizona Center for the Blind


John Luttmann, PA   ARTIFAQT Studios
His beautiful serving trays and stoppers are sold
at Disney World.

Row 175  

segmented bottle stopper  

Martha Collins, WA.
Artful Home, Martha's work!


bottle stopper made with beads from Michael's

Beads from


Lonnie Hurst,  AZ
L: Jerusalem stone insets
Wood Synthesis

Row 174  

stainless cork with turned wood
																filled with resin bottle stopper.  

Mark Detrick,  PA
Stainless cork style


Nadia Cailou, AZ

Jamie Straw,  WA

Row 173  

Joe Kona, HI


John K. Jordan, TN

J. David Owen,  FL

Row 172  

pool balls made into bottle stoppers

Raymond Therrien, NH
Using stopper style 305-J



Ronnie Metsgar, CO


Ken Woods, VA

Wendy Nesbit, TX

Row 171  


Christine Markferding


Paul Demmert, PA

Gary McLean,  TX

Row 170  

John Larson, ME
Nice display stand.


Christine Markferding
Unique items

glass cherry on top of stainless bottle stopper      

Dag Aasdam, France

Row 169  

Gail Allard,  Tx
Awesome glass art.
Salado Glassworks


Jack Lipkin, GA


Jeff Grantham, NH

New cork style and
Jerusalem stone inset.

Row 168  

Elias Khalilieh,



Dennis Belcher


Lew Kauffman, PA
Amish stopper!

Row 167  


Charles Nicholls, AZ


Dave Worthington, IN  


Dennis Yanan,  PA

black walnut mushroom with woodburning
				leaves on a stainless steel cork stopper

Ruth Niles

Row 166  

Tom Toups, TX
Great display stand


William Dye


Katie Wolfe, KS
Knobs from Hobby Lobby

Row 165  

colorwood bottle stopper blanks made into wood art   

Matt Birchfield, VA   etsy page


Chuck Gower,  MI
The Golf Juice


Noel Beach

Row 164  

John Sowell, AL


Michael Tilton, OH


Nate Helgeson
turned from 


Daniel Cole,  AL
From colorwood pieces

Row 163  

Paul Richer, QE


rock collection made into bottle stoppers

Al Yanity,  AZ  Beautiful rock stoppers!

Todd Halleman, OR

Row 162  

David Trail, TX



Darren Foster,  IL  website 
Amazing gear shift gifts


David Coen,  MN

Row 161  

Joshua Dauer, TX (1st time turner)


Rick O'Ryan, NM  
Made using Joyner Off-Set Jig

Tom Dew,

Row 160  

Jason Rockhold



Peter Baum, 
Awesome hats.

Fred Bennett,  NV

Row 159  

turquoise stones on stainless steel bottle stoppeers

Nate Maynard, AZ
Mines his turquoise


carved horse bottle stoppers

Marie McDonough
Beautiful carving!

steampunk bottle stoppers, 
																				watch, top hats  

Peter Baum, 
Super Steampunk!

Row 158  

Rick Damon, VT


Paul Milcetic,  MD


Pat White,  CO

Nemo in resin with wood on a stainless
																				steel bottle stopper      

Dave Bell,  Ontario
"Nemo" just too cute!

Row 157  

Mark Huff,  OH



David Schwartz, VA

handmade beads on threaded
																				rods on top of stainless steel bottle stoppers  

Dianne deJolsvay,  MN

Row 156  

Marie McDonough


steampunk wine rack with bottle 
																					stopper and wine glass holder     

Matt Nixon
Wine rack, stopper and glass holder!

Donna Von Hoesslin,  CA

Row 155  

Mark Andrews, CA
Great stoppers



Robin Holt

old-fashioned ceramic cat bottle stoppers   

Jenni Brant, IA   Old-Fashioned Ceramics!

Row 154  

carved deer antler trees on stainless steel bottle stopers

Mark Hoffman,  PA
Deer Antler


Lonnie Hurst, AZ

Melanie McManus, WA
The glass is on both sides

Row 153      

Lynn Beach,  AR


Jim Rainwater,  TX

Rod Parker,  WA

Row 152  

Bryon Hunter, Ontario


Michael Feehley


Dan Dragon, RI


Dan Cole, AL
L: resin, R: Jaw Breaker!

Row 151  


John Hufford, OR
(L) Granddad's Civil War button
(R) Quilter's button



Michael Page, AZ
Pepper Grinder, stopper set

Jim Magnell, NH

Row 150  


Darla Baker, KY



Kent Turner,  TN

Clete Boothby,  ME
Acorn stoppers

Row 149  

carved dried apple people bottle stoppers  

Sallie Swor, TN  Carved dried Apples!


Brent Smitheran, KS

Frank Koblisek, IL
Super design!

Row 148  


Ann Szerlip, MA


Lawrence Blumer, GA


 Jerusalem stone and Bethlahem olive wood on
																				a wine bottle stopper, handcrafted gift for wine lover  

Elias Khalilieh
Bethlehem Olivewood
Jerusalem stone inset

Gertie Zeiter, Victoria, BC
Beautiful gift set.

Row 147  

Bob Pedrottim, GA


Beth Cragg, MI
Adorable birds


Ron Ford, West Friendship, MD
Ron donates 100% of his profit to Wounded Warriors!

Star Wars wine bottle stopper, space station on top of stopper

Tim Keyzers, WA
Tim designed my 738 
stopper for his awesome orb artwork

Row 146  

Gregg McDonald, WY


Elias Khalilieh




Katie Wolfe, KS

sand, sea shells, water in globe on top of stainless steel 
						wine bottle stopper, handcrafted by glass artist

Robin Holt, FL
Water, sand, seashells!

Row 145  

Christiana Hancox, England
One-of-a-kind beadwork.



Jon Felix, WA

Vicky Somma, VA designed
this resin stopper on a 3D printer.
"Virginia is for Wine Lovers"

Row 144  


golf ball gift
																				for the golfer, stainless steel bottle stopper with a golf ball on top   

Chuck Gower, MI



Pam Marcum, IL
 Dichroic glass art


Drew Marczak

Daniel Cole, AL

Row 143  

  olive oil bottle stopper, handcrafted stainless steel
																bottle stopper, the perfect gift for a chef, woodturned stopper    

Jason Rockhold, IL


Tom Parlegreco


stainless steel bottle stopper with United States Navy button inset
																in the top of the stopper

Lou Dornbach

Keith Haider,  IL

Row 142  

Tom Borener
of  OR.



Jason Williams, TX


Lynn Beach,  AZ

Chain maille artwork on the top of a stainless steel wine bottle stopper
																by metal artist, 100% made in America  

Jim Bailey, NM
Beautiful chain maille.

Row 141  

stainless steel bottle stopper, top nylon plastic interwoven design
																done on a 3D printer.  Unique gift for wine lovers.

John Allwine, MT
Nylon plastic on 
a 3D printer


Lou Dornbach,  VA
Interchangeable cabochons


Kevin Carlin,  TX
Antler stopper in 
whiskey bottle

Larry Blumer, GA
Paduak wood

Row 140  


Brian Comiso, OR, unique metal work.


Mark Wilding 
St. Louis, Mo.

Lou Porter, AZ  Back row #1, 3 and 5
are petrified wood; #2 kyanite; #4 agate.  
Front; tiger eye and sodalite

Row 139  

stainless steel wine bottle stopper with raku pottery with horse hair accents by Karin Ashley

Karin Ashley, CA   Karin's website
Horse hair raku pottery stoppers


  Michael Lawson, WA.
He etches the design in copper 
then inlays it.

Cabinet knob from
Hobby Lobby
Stopper #D304

Row 138  


Joseph Albano  COASTAL TOUCH
Individually woven from Sweetgrass


Peter Baum, OH
Antique pocket watch

Jim Hice, NY

Row 137  


Doug Johnson,  FL



Ronnie Metsgar, CO

Fused glass on stainless steel wine bottle stopper, rainbow colors, gift for wine lovers.

Gertie Zeiter, BC Canada

Row 136  


Lynn Beach,  AR
Pine cones in resin


Clayton Cochran, TX

Jeff Borda,  OH

Row 135  


Imaginative creations by Karen Jokela, NM

Rusty Fleeman, TX
Natural edge mesquite

Row 134


Becky Cummings, AK


Vicki Somers,


Steve Nantz, MD

Bruce Robbins, VA
Ring holder when 
not in a bottle

Row 133  

hand carved ribbon of white marble
																						on stainless steel bottle stopper; gift for wine lovers.

Joey Marcello, WA
Hand carved marble.

handcrafted glass beads on stainless steel bottle stoppers, unique
																						gift for wine lovers, made by Moondog Mosaics & Artglass        

Robin Holt, FL  


Ken Como, NY

Row 132  


Romain Walker, OH

  Star Wars wine bottle stoppers; stainless steel bottle stoppers with Star Wars characters on top. Gift for wine lovers.

Mike Gaiss, NY   Star Wars collection

Row 131  

John Traeger, MN


Don Burda,


Steve Overton
Maple burl and resin.


Matt Perrault,


Tara Huff, FL

Kevin Carlin, TX

Row 130  

Michelle Hair, CO


Kyle Iwamoto,
HI     Mango


Wine, beer gift set; stainless steel bottle stoopper with
																				handcrafted top and cork screw with bottle opener, same woodturned handles

Tara Huff,  FL
Excellent gift set!  

Tim Lee,  PA
Turned alumilite.

Row 129  

Jimmy Ricks,  TX
Turned from tru stone and custom engraved


Mike Parenteau, MN
Wine Bottle dish and 
stopper.  Great gift.


Stan Smith


Karen Grimm,  MN
Chess piece. 

Row 128  

Keith Kapp, PA
Knobs from Hobby Lobby


Andrew Robb


John Ward, FL


Shellie Sturm, SC.

Row 127  

Donald Earls, NC
Nice display.


James Farrington, FL


Bert Long, DE

Dave Kollmann

Row 126  

Dan Cole,


John Durkin, PA
Used style E305-J



Don Burda, AZ

Brad Dinwiddie,  VT

Row 125  


Jim Mellis, NJ
Legal theme items:


Glenn Jacobs, TX
Cholla cactus cast in 
colored resin.


Doug Bean in Edmonton, Alberta

Row 124  


Henry Doolittle, WA
See angel with tin skirt by Henry


Fred Reese, MI
River and lava rocks from
Lake Superior with stands
made from tree limbs.

Kimberly Polka, IL

Row 123  

Tom Russell, MO
Used to raise money for Buchanan 
Social Welfare Board, the oldest
free clinic in the US! 



Colette Becker,  Luxembourg
Original bead designs

Bart Templeton

Row 122  



John Traeger, MN
John Traeger Studio
Beautiful jewelry boxes!


Donna Beshore, TN  Clay creations.


Barbara Marsh, NY
Stopper style E305-G

Row 121  

Dick Gerard, IN



Tara Huff, FL
Glued and turned colored pencils
Etsy store


Dan Cole, AL
Hackberry wood


Tara Huff, FL

Row 120  


Shannon Cable, TN
Made from skateboards!


Skip Hayes, TN


Bob Rosand, PA
Re-glued colorwood

Randy Pearson,

Row 119  

Keith Tompkins, NY


Ken Hollinrake's
friend requested
a "bulky" stopper!


Larry Kern, TX


Kelly Christopher, ME

Row 118


Dwight English, AK



Kate Rodrigue, OR
Cast resin with herbs
Etsy store


Beautiful creations by
 Doug Robins, MI

Row 117  

Joy Alyssa Day
glass sculpture



Richard Smentek, WI


Gordon Lindenberger, FL
Stainless steel and gem
Exotic wood low profile

Row 116  

Dolan Brown, NC


Antique glass door
knob.  Style #301
threads in nicely.

Chris Wilbik, TN

Row 115


Dolan Brown, NC



Donna Beshore, TN  Clay creations.

Hand carved by 
Bob Kozakiewicz, NJ.  
Etsy page

Row 114  

Rich Froehlich



John Tagle, TX
Beautiful glass stoppers


Jeff Bennett, TN

Kelsy Dougherty,  PA
 etsy page

Row 113  


Cindy Brown, CO
Shows standing stopper fits inside bottle


Ken Malz, MO


Joe Penn, GA
Turned from glued
colored pencils.

Kimberly Polka, IL

Row 112  

Three beauties by Trevor Howard


Lauri Arnsten, NC.  Terrific hand painted on tile.

Row 111  



Jean Pierre, Quebec
Beautiful poured resin.

Noela Sullivan, 
Vermont Slate Art

Row 110  


Michael Page, AZ



Cody Toney, NC

Jim Campbell, BC, Canada
Teaches shop at a middle school

Row 109  

Ken Custis, Napa, CA



Jason Williams, TX
For a friend with breast cancer.

Bill Boyd, SC
Beautiful segmented work

Row 108  

Cody Toney, NC
15 years old


Cody Toney
Unique photography


Keith Kapp, PA  
See more on Keith's  Etsy page

Row 107  

Mark Futato, FL


Keith Kapp, PA

John Dreese, IN, collects stones as he travels.

Row 106  

Ellis Emery, PA
nice display stand


Jay Rutan, NJ

Jere McIntyre, KY

Row 105


Roger Dauer in Russia, all proceeds
were donated to an orphanage. 


Max Monts, IN

Barry Chandler, FL

Row 104  

Jerry Sowers, IN


Chris Thompson, MI.

Lou Carbone, MA

Row 103



Dan Dragon, RI


Alan and Lauren
Zenreich, NJ
A birthday gift


Katrin Berger, Switzerland
Beautiful beadwork

Row 102  

Peter Link, WA


Max Monts,


Michael Perron, VT
Shotgun shell stoppers

Timothy School Bakers 
Harleysville, PA
A school for the Autistic

Row 101


Kelsy Dougherty,  Meadville, PA
 etsy page

These are done on my new
standing stopper style.
See "Stopper Styles"

Row 100  

Josh Campbell, PA



Jason Williams, TX

Nick Vincent, MD   
Original metalwork!

Row 99      

Kelli Clough, NC

Too cute!


Jim Mellis, NJ
Legal theme items:


Jerry Louden, FL, nice stoppers and great stopper display stand

Row 98  

Jerry Bailey, NV


Anna Ruggiero, SC


Bathsheba Grossman, MA
Exquisite original creations
on a 3D printer!

Row 97  


Gordon Munn
Saskatchewan, Canada



Axel Waldkircg, PA
Chess King and Queen

Ken Como, NY, created some very
unique stoppers!
Ken's website with more fun items.

Row 96           

Chris Thompson, MI.  Beautiful stoppers, unique 
display stand and original wine rack.

Jerry Bailey, NV

Row 95


Mike Trucco, OH, used the new
standing stoppers in the front.


Dan Dragon, RI

Gary Lake uses Petoskey stones that are
350 million year old coral fossil
 from Lake Michigan. 

Row 94


Jerry Sowers, IN


James Vandenberg, NE

Corlette Mueller, FL

Row 93



Ed Spence, TX


Christine Smith, PA
glass on both sides
of stopper #305-B


Heath Knuckles, IN


James Bucci, PA

Row 92  


Rick Riley, TX, turns
chess piece stoppers


 Cal Breed, Ft. Payne, AL


Mort Shurtz, MO

Vicky Somma in VA had a school
bus 3-D printed in gold-plated steel.
A retirement gift for her Mom who
drove a school bus for 24 years.

Row 91  

Rich Froehlich


Glenn McJennett, Brooklyn, MI
Great display and nice shapes


Joy Alyssa Day
glass sculpture

Bob Duncan,

Row 90


Pete Yavner, Dallas, TX
New #701 standing stoppers


Dave Campbell, GA


MaryKay Ludewig
Quick and Easy!


Art Jaderlund, VT

Row 89


  Cal Breed, Ft. Payne, AL


Kris Stratton, Blanco, TX
Manganeta burl, beautiful!

Brent Golden of MD
Other creations by Brent

Row 88


Kelsy Dougherty, 
Meadville, PA
 etsy page


Kristin Gunter,
Black Hawk, CO
Brass door knob and 
307 stopper style


Ruth Niles
dyed cherry and
ash handle.

Susanna Kopchains, NJ
Clay peppers.

Row 87


Joy Alyssa Day
Intriguing design
glass sculpture


Noah Riley
Fargo, ND


Marie McDonough, IL
Hand carved wood roses and exquisite stands.

Row 86


Brian Lensink
Over the neck


Scott Maddox, nice array!


Barbara Burnham used her skiing trophies.
Barbara used stopper style 304 1/4-20

Row 85  

Wonderful designs on stone.


Joy Alyssa Day
glass sculpture


Brian Lensink, AZ, variety of shapes. 
 Wonderful over-the-neck designs!     

Row 84


Kimberly Polka, IL 


Shanda Graham, AK  Wonderful metal
artwork.  Website

Row 83


Terry Richards, VA
Great show display


Phil Maas designed the neatest counter-top 
wine and stopper rack.  
Stoppers turned by Brian McLane of Columbia, SC.
To order: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  803-358-9683

Row 82  

Mike Cunningham of NJ


Ruth Niles


Michael Armstrong
Turned Out Great

Ches Spencer
of Nichols, NY

Row 81


  Joshua Morgan
Petal, MS.


Lee Knoll,  MN.   Unique!

Chuck Pefley, Seattle, WA.
Beautiful beadwork.
Chuck used 306 and 506 stopper style

 Row 80


Don Mitchell, CA, says each
stopper feels like a friend and he
hates parting with them.


"Lollipops" fused glass by 
Faye Melench  ~ Glass Niche

Ron Bauer, NY, laser engraved 
tops of the stoppers with
the logo for Whiteface Lodge.

Row 79


Phil Morris, AL



Great stoppers by Ferris Reynolds, PA
Terrific 2-stopper display stand.

Terry Parker,  Tucson, AZ  Porcelain thrown on a pottery wheel then coated with various glazes

Row 78



Nick Vincent, MD   Awesome metalwork!


Kelsy Dougherty, PA     etsy page

Row 77


Steve Nelson, Tucs on, AZ


Keith Kapp, PA.   
Perfect apple!


Gorgeous blown glass bird stoppers made by
Ben LaBrecque, Idaho.  Visit his etsy page.

Row 76  

Tom Tomovic, Ontario, Ca.
Donation to charity auction:
East Indian Ebony, Lilac
and Zebrawood


Susanna Kopchains, NJ
Clay peppers.


Kelsy Dougherty, Meadville, PA
 etsy page

Toni Bahnsen, OH
Beautiful bead work

Row 75



Richard Walters, PA
Great display and great stoppers


Joshua Morgan in Petal, MS.

Jeff Davis, 
McLean, VA
Deer antler stoppers.

Row 74


Jim Ghostley, MN
Beautiful carving!


Tim Clark, Waltham VT.
Nice accent burns around 
the top of the stoppers.

Rick Riley, Fort Worth, TX.
Top two on right are chess piece 
stoppers by special request.

Row 73


Marvin Snodgrass, CA
Nice array of stopper shapes


Krystal Quiles, NY
Creations with Magic Sculp

Gorgeous glass by Derek Gosselin,
Springfield, MA

Row 72


Skip Wilbur, TN
Resin and wood


Wally Stone, MD
Various exotic wood carved
into pleasing bottle stoppers.


Angelique Vibbard
Photo fused artwork


Bob Zentner, PA
Colorwood stopper

Row 71


Tim Kipps,  VA
Knit cap stopper



Len Layman of Grand Cayman
uses Cayman coins.



Ken Kimbell
Tobaccoville, NC


Shannon Cable,
All made from skateboards!Shove It Designs

Row 70


John Fowler, WA, proves you can
use anything to make a custom 
and unique bottle stopper!


B. Young turned terrific styles

Karen & Dana Robbins, NM
Dichroic chards encased.
Robbins Ranch Art Glass

Row 69


Claude LeBel, Ontario



Dana Shiflett of  NY
Stoppers made from polymer clay

Jim Vandenberg, Omaha, NE
Spools of quilting thread

Row 68



Lee Koepke, GA


Jared Borgwardt 
Green Country Stoppers
Website  ~  Facebook


Mike Niles
Seashell fun.


Lylana Nassiri, TX
Various trophies 

Row 67



  Blown glass by Lisa Lischka 
Perfect gifts.   lisaarts.com



C.J. Solberg   Denton, TX
Fantastic carving!  Etsy page


A pair of plated stoppers 
made by
Sue McLam of VT.

Row 66


stainless steel stopper with Make Wine not War

"Make Wine Not War"
 Paul Ogren, CA
 Weapons turned to art.


Bob Middleton, OK


Gina Shear, Alberta, great stoppers turned from
the Colorwood Pkg. on "Stopper Styles" page.

Row 65



David Pearce, VA
Very original stoppers!


Rod Castle of 
Baldwinsville, NY.
Visit Rod at: etsy


Jason Cummings, GA, does  
one-of-a-kind hand sculptured
stoppers.   etsy

Row 64


A nice array of stoppers by
Rich Welsh, WA.


Commissioned work by James Harris
all carved from photos of real people.
Website   ~   Facebook


Kelsy Dougherty, PA
See more artwork, on Kelsy's

Row 63


Nicole Fierce
Beautiful blown 


Woodturned by
Chuck Stokes,



Turned from Colorwood on the 
Joyner Off-Center Jig 
The one on the right has buckshot 
glued in the off-center cuts. 
  Ruth Niles

Johnny Tolly, TX
All turned from Zircote

Row 62



  Mike and Haleigh Niles
    Having fun with sea shells   



Tim Minchew
Milton, FL


Tyler Piebes, ME
Adorable whale tails and 
light houses.  See his etsy page

Row 61


Beautiful array by 
Dale Wood, TX




Mort Shurtz, MO
Great stopper shapes and fine finish.

   Trent Lane
Beginner teen turner.
Excellent forms

Row 60


Mick Burns


Kelsy Dougherty, PA


Meghan Kunz, CO  
So unique!  meghankunz.com

Row 59



Joel Kaufman
Beautiful wood stopper
donated to a worthy cause.



 JB Bemis, MO
Glued Corian countertop 
pieces beautifully turned

John Gbur, Akron, PA
Turned resin stoppers

Row 58


Joshua Morgan
Petal, MS.



Jane Cohen,  NY.  Porcelain stoppers.
Email for purchasing info.


James Mellis
A chess piece 

Knit cap stoppers fit over the 
neck of the bottle and sit 
flat on the counter.
Click here to see how to 
make these.

Row 57


Terry Hayes, NY
Perfect gift set



Skip Wilbur of Cordova, TN.
The cigar stopper is a wonderful gift for men!
Also a drawer full of woodturned stoppers by


Awards trophy

John Solberg of 
Denton, TX
Off-center turning.

Row 56


Dane Fuller of TX.


Rosa Caird, BC
Kraken holding a submarine


Joshua Morgan
Petal, MS.


Delicious!  By Jennifer Kuske
Hot Piece of Glass

Row 55


Mary Lacer, WI, marylacerwoodturning


Cindy Brown, Arvada, CO  
Wonderful handmade beads 

Keith Tompkins, NY 
Wood turner of unique creations

Row 54


Emily Thomas, HI



Martha Collins, WA
 Martha's work: Click

Bob Rosand, PA
Re-glued colorwood!

Row 53


Randy Johnson
Quakertown, PA
Steampunk Art


Brad Sears
Push Pin and holder!
Fine Woodturning



Wayne Sayer 
Bishop, CA.

Jim Barbour, NC
Cocobolo with coin

Row 52


Stoppers made by residents at
Seeds for Autism, Phoenix, AZ.
They offer vocational training
for adults with Autism and Asperger's.



Max Kreitman 
Santa Clara, CA.
Beautiful art glass


Unique designs by 
Pat Houston, GA

Row 51



Bill Lee of Chapin, SC
Great segmented stoppers



Jim Young in FL.


Darren Foster 
made from gear shifts.

Row 50


Kim Dailey in Maine.  
 Fantastic pepper mills



Ken Ferguson, AZ


Nicole Fierce, MN 

Jim Talley, GA

Row 49



Nadia Cailou of AZ
Beautiful fused glass


Rob Culver 
Jamestown, NY


cup cake by
Bob Kozakiewicz
Etsy page


"Reach", Cypress, TX is a facility that 
helps people with mental handicaps 
learn a trade or craft. 

Row 48


 Brad Adams, Benicia, CA.
Visit Brad's website



Love Rocks, Inc. of 
Fort Myers, FL.  


Christina Jones
Rochester, NY 
Historic House Parts


Paul Cote
Minden, NV

Row 47


Andrew Hadden of NY



Rusty Patterson, Monroe, LA.
Rusty's stoppers are replicas
of his taller hollow forms.


Joe Dusel, Vista, CA.  
Bamboo stopper with flat top.
Etsy and Facebook .

 Row 46


A Classic design!
Scott Kilgore,  SC


Rod Castle of 
Baldwinsville, NY.
Visit Rod at: etsy


C.J. Solberg, Denton, TX
Fantastic carving!  Etsy page

Row 45


hand carved mouse bottle stopper

Mouse carved by
Ruth Niles


Jes Durfee, 
 Duluth, MN.
blown glass.



Jack Parsons, 
Fisherville, KY

Keith Kapp, PA. 
Etsy  The most unique 
bottle stoppers.

Row 43



John Barlow from
Lancashire, UK



Carol Pedrick, MD
Email for info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pleasant form by 
Alan Hallum, 
Covington, GA.

Row 42



Gina Alcaraz      Saul Alcaraz     Joel Alcaraz
Santa Barbara Glass Studio


Beautiful segmented
work by 
Gerry Kmack,  CO

Beautiful stoppers turned 
by Tim Gates of Trinity, FL

Row 41  

George Mosko, FL, 
State quarters on the tops



Shannon Cable "Shove It Designs"
Shove It Designs on Pinterest
All made from skateboards!

Steve Lay, owner of
Images of Wine 
Gifts for wine lovers

Row 40



Kim Dailey in Maine.  


Dave Misner used
walnut, red gum burl 
and African blackwood.


Tom Crawford
Shelby, NC

David Fleisig of CA.
Nice variety of wood 
and style.

Row 39


Chris Wilbik


Steve Massman
Visit his website



Ed Kelle, NY. 
Maple: dyed and textured with 
a dremel      kellewood

Alex Gruber of 
Somerset, NJ
Stopper and Bottle Holder

Row 38


Lauren Zenreich of 
Oradell,  NJ.


Shannon Cable 
Shove It Designs
Made from a  skateboard


George Fishtorn 
Englewood, FL
Stopper with stand.


Nadia Cailou, AZ
Fused glass

Tony Marsh of FL. 
The Turning Center
Phila. PA

Row 37


Chef Felisha Wild of WI.


Detail cuts made 
using the 
Off-Center Jig
Ruth Niles



Roger Bolon, FL
Made from sea beans that
drift from So. Amer. to
the gulf  coast.

Tim Curtin of VT
Tim's site on etsy 
Wonderful creativity.

Row 36


Alice Riordan



Joel Bond of Simpsonville, SC.

Shellie Sturm of Charleston, SC.
Shellie's etsy

Row 35


Bob Rosenblum, Norwich, Vt.
Unique segmented stoppers.




Lloyd Draper from
Lewiston, NY


Chuck Stokes of
Spartanburg, SC.

Mike Gibson  
Hoschton, GA.
Turned, carved 
and dyed

Row 34  

Chris Broesel, CA



Scott Barnard, Melbourne, FL
Scott cuts a groove then glues a band of
copper, brass or gold then sands it flat.
An old button is used in the top on the right.

Kevin Anderson 
adds antique buttons.

Row 33


Great stopper
by Dave "Penmaker"


Randy DeForge of 
Howell, NJ.
Oak, birch, red cedar


John O'Connor of 
Northumberland, UK

Jim Dodd of Enfield, CT,
Kits to make stoppers with 
antique hardware:

Row 32


Bill Williams,
St. Charles, IL
Amboyna burl



Greg Jones, MS, hollowed the top 
of this stopper



Unique creations by Katie Wolfe,  
Olathe, KS.   

Steve Halstead of FL.
Carved "cheese" stoppers! 
 Wine Time Designs

Row 31


Leo Van Der Loo of 
London, Ontario
 segmented work.


Patricia Garibay of  ID


Denis Limoges
Alberta, Canada

Mitch Gitkind of 
Westboro, MA.

Row 30



Doug Bagwell of NM
Link to instructions for pine cones.


Mary Graff 
from Knoxville, TN   

Jake Enns,  
Old Alberta, Canada

Row 29


Classy stoppers and holders
made by Pete Yavner, Dallas, TX


Matt Rabe from Bedford, TX.
Go to Matt's website to see more

Vintage cabinet pulls
use #304 10-32

Row 28


Terry Hayes of
Hamlin, NY  hamlinwoodshop


Lylana Nassiri, TX
Various trophies 


Eric Wobbe, Collinsville, IL


Susanna Kopchains 
Far Hills, NJ.  
Ceramic pomegranate.

Row 27


David Ramer, OR, 
uses exotic woods.


Beth Martindale of  
Lantana, TX


Mike Horner of
West Chester, OH

Allen Poulson of
Whittier, CA

Row 26


Maple laced with Walnut 
by Allan Schwindt


Jim Vandenberg,
Omaha, NE


Julie Rizzo of  IN


Christos Kontodimas 
with Giorgos and 
Dimitris Misailidis
of Athens, Greece.

Row 25



Bill Crone of NH.


Bill Bryon, VA

Ken George of MA
Nice display

Row 24


Paul Douglas, 
Great turning


William Duffield
Bacote wood


Peter Link, WA. 
Kitchen set turned from Plum. 
Great Walnut stopper on the right.

Row 23  

Greg Smith of Troy, MI.  
For stoppers or display stand



Greg Pencheff of PA.  
Visit his site  gvpencheff.com 


 Tucker Garrison of NC
Design featured in exhibit at
The Turning Museum,  Phila., PA

Row 22  


Hand carved by 
Bob Kozakiewicz, NJ.  
Etsy page



Christopher Mosey 
Chattanooga, TN


Hand carved by 
Bob Kozakiewicz of
Ridgewood, NJ.

Row 21



Barb Siddiqui of WA
Visit Barb's etsy


Chris Broesel 
in CA.
Nice designs


Mike Niles, FL


Driftwood stopper 
Kevin Coyne
Driftwood Art

Vic Nadurak, 
British Columbia

Row 20  


Tim Curtin of VT
Awesome creativity



Ralph Tursini, VT.
Visit Ralph's site:


Eccentric turning by
Mark Wilding

Jerry Louden, Carmel, IN.
Great stopper display stand

Row 19  

Mark Detrick 
 Sayre, PA
 Mark's website: 


John Sinosky  
Johnstown, PA
5 pieces of corian


   Roy Reaser of Fullerton, CA.
Roy used the #305 stopper to create this unique wood design.

Mike Byers from 
Williamsport, IN does
 fused glass tops  

Row 18


Simple to make
"Make a Stopper" 
Ruth Niles


Patricia Houston 
Conyers, GA.


Jeff McDonald
and Maple


 by Sig Schwartz
   Weston, FL

Rose engine work  
Gary Clarke of  WA.

Row 17  

Jeff Welch, 
Smithfield, NC 
Glued Corian


Larry Biddinger of
Indian River, MI.


Tom Boley of Purcellville, VA.

Segmented stoppers created by
David Hilliard of Butler, PA.

Row 16  


Angelo Denofrio, IL
Turned and carved 
  bottle stopper.


Doug Wieland of Fresno, CA.
Wonderful variety of shapes.



Mark Wilding 
St. Louis, Mo.

Nancy Brooks 
    Tazewell, VA

Row 15


Clete Boothby, CT.
Great idea for golf pro shops



Mark Hoffman of 
Fleetwood, PA
turns the deer antler 
 B. Lynnsy does the artwork.


Chris West,Romsey Hampshire, 
UK puts fishing flies in resin.

Row 14  

Beatiful glass art by
 Faye Melench


Bryan Newton of NY.
Deer antler set in the top.


Dyed maple
Ruth Niles

Carole Valentine of Onley, VA.

Row 13


Adrian Anguiano
Benbrook, TX
Birdseye Maple


Peter Skellenger, 
Marquette, MI


Paul Bender
"Bowler Hat"


Variety of Colorwood
stoppers, Ruth Niles

Nice design 
Mike Niles

Row 12



Tom Metz, PA.  Array of exotic wood 
stoppers and stopper with military button 
and custom stand.   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Cindy Valenzo, IL
fused glass 
Visit her etsy


Nathan Mueller
Queensland, Australia

Rod Castle  

Row 11



Dave Lindow, PA. 
 Rose Engine stoppers. 



Jeni Woock of WA.  
Whimsical work



Simply beautiful, done by
Joe Johnson of Kerrville, TX

Scott Barton
Lees Summit, MO

Row 10


Angela Meier beadwork
 Winterthur, Switzerland.



John Schick, OH, 
Custom granite and marble stoppers 
that match counter tops.


A nice design
Ned Gelinas 
Manchester, NH.

Gregg Kristophel
Harmony, PA
Carved deer antler

Row 9


Angelo Denofrio   Dyed maple


Jess Wetherhold, 
San Diego, CA.


Ray Overman 
 Fort Mill, SC.


Larry Perkins of TX

Row 8


Frank Hasty of GA.
These are turned from a 
Live Oak estimated 
to be 400 years old.  


Authentic doorknob is a bottle
stopper: wonderful display


Leah Waldo

Fred Reese of Allouez, MI
River and lava rocks from
Lake Superior.

Row 7




Aaron Wingert, Mission, KS
Pretty wood


Gary Bills from 
Zirconia, NC


Joy Alyssa Day of
Nebula Glass Studio
Camel Valley, CA

"Vineyard Monk"
fits over the 
bottle neck.
Ruth Niles

Row 6



Arlene Chigas, MI


Frank Kobilsek
Mendota, IL
box elder


Alice Riordan
Aptos, CA


John Calver of Ontario
 embeds military pins in resin.

Row 5



Aaron Verity of
Brooktondale, NY


Al Timms
British Columbia


DDonated by Schenectady, NY 
woodturners to benefit woodworkers in wheelchairs. 

Patrick O'Brien of 
Alexandria, VA.
See wonderful turnings

Row 4  


Rob Nelson of Larsen, WI.
Wonderful display stand, too.




Mike Rubes 
Apex, NC.


Joe & Deb Gilman, VT    

Inside-out turnings 
Henry Doolittle, WA.

Row 3  

Niels Madsen
Portland, OR.  


Christos Kontodimas of
Brussels, Belgium
"Magritte's Men" series
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Michael Pierceall, AZ
Lost wax casting.

David Heitstuman of 
Spokane, WA.
Unique shapes

Row 2


Gil Jones, GA. 


Paul Porter of Phoenix, AZ 
has the brightest array of stoppers!


Mike Daddis of  NY.
A nice display at a show

Gregg Kristophel
Harmony, PA
 Gregg's work at: etsy

Row 1


  Michael Lawson, WA.
He etches the design in copper 
then inlays it.


Shelley Yuen
Kailua,  HI

George Wurtzel,  MN
Website  more amazing
because George is totally blind.

* * * * Holiday Style Stoppers * * * *

C.J. Solberg,
 Denton, TX 


Debee Mark, WA



Eric Bunn in NJ carves Santas.


carving on bottle stopper

 Bert Long of 
Lewes, DE 

  angel bottle stoppers                                           
Henry Doolittle, TX
Angel stopper in skirt stand.         

Two pieces, the
hat is glued on
at a slight tilt.


Eric Bunn in NJ carves Santas....
(and his father!)


Bert Long of 
Lewes, DE 


Henry Doolittle
Angel stopper in skirt
display stand. 


Harvey Doerr,
British Columbia, Canada

Send me more Christmas stopper creations!